The team behind the RSA

Our strength lies in the collective expertise and vision of our team.

Our Board of Directors and Advisors are industry veterans and innovators, each bringing a wealth of experience and a shared passion for ethical, sustainable solar solutions. They are the guiding force behind RSA, shaping our initiatives and leading the charge in elevating the solar industry.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors comprises distinguished professionals from various facets of the solar industry. They are pioneers, policy shapers, and trendsetters who are deeply committed to driving ethical practices and sustainable growth within the residential solar sector.

Steering Committee

The RSA Steering Committee includes a diverse group of experts in solar technology, sales, installation, and environmental policy. Their insights and guidance are instrumental in shaping RSA's strategies and ensuring that we remain at the forefront of industry innovation and ethical standards.Their combined experience and dedication are the backbone of RSA, ensuring that we stay true to our mission of advocating for a cleaner, fairer, and more efficient solar industry.

"The Residential Solar Association (RSA) is dedicated to unifying the diverse voices within the residential solar sector. Our commitment extends to educating and elevating every facet of this dynamic field. As a growing collective of experts, we focus on consolidating and advocating for best practices in sales, installation, manufacturing, financing, and servicing of solar systems. RSA members pledge to enhance the sector through integrity and excellence. We are actively engaged in eliminating unethical practices, safeguarding consumer interests, and collaborating with policymakers to establish standards that empower and advance residential solar energy."

— Mark Bench, President RSA